Foods to Eat Before Surgery to Promote Healing – Decrease Your Recovery Time

Having a nutritious diet is very important for your overall health. It’s even more important especially if you are scheduled for surgery anytime soon. Following a proper pre-surgical nutrition plan just a few days to operation can improve your immune system and help your body heal faster. It will also help you have a smoother, […]

Best Outfits for a Photoshoot – Look Your Best

Living in an era where professionally captured photos are the day’s order, you have to ask yourself what outfits are appropriate for a photo shoot. An outfit can change your photos from dull or lifeless, to glam and memorable. Given that professional photo shoots don’t come cheap, you have to choose your outfits very carefully […]

Eid Presents

Eid al-Fitr is a religious day of celebration, food, and family at the end of the Islamic fast, Ramadhan. People celebrate throughout the day with traditional foods from their native countries. It is also a day of gift giving and charity. If you’ll be gifting someone special this year, here are a few Eid Presents […]