Eid Presents

Eid al-Fitr is a religious day of celebration, food, and family at the end of the Islamic fast, Ramadhan. People celebrate throughout the day with traditional foods from their native countries. It is also a day of gift giving and charity. If you’ll be gifting someone special this year, here are a few Eid Presents to consider.

Eid Presents


Food plays a critical role in Eid celebrations across the globe, no matter where you are from. The Eid feast is one of the most anticipated events in the Muslim calendar and food is also a really great Eid gift. The options are virtually endless. For instance, you can prepare snacks and sweets to serve your guests or buy dried fruit and chocolate to give out to Eid Presentsfamily, friends, and neighbors. Another common Eid-al-Fitr tradition is inviting family and friends for dinner.


Giving clothes as an Eid present is also a great way to celebrate and show that you care for someone. Styles of dress may differ from place to place, but with some little shopping around, you should be able to find something special. If you’re not too sure what to pick, you’ll never go wrong with a shawl or scarf for women and a nice t-shirt for men.


Jewelry is a great Eid present. Given the different types of jewelry, one can gift this to a mother or significant other.

Artwork and Home Décor

The thought of gifting artwork and home décor might immediately seem like an expensive affair. However, there are actually plenty of finds at various price points that will impress even the most discerning art or home décor aficionados. You can shop around for unique wall art gifts or perfect vintage décor pieces.

Eid PresentsConsider getting wall decals as they can liven up any room and bring festivity to your Eid celebration. You can also go for customized painting, coasters and other types of mixed media artwork pieces.

Search around, and you’ll be sure to find businesses that sell inspirational Islamic products. Look for something simple, creative and modest ranging from plaques and prints to magnets and keyrings. And don’t forget something for the kids too. Gift the little ones with fun storybooks, bags, chocolate and other types of treats.

Getting Eid presents for the special people in your life is a great way to commemorate the end of Ramadan. Gift giving is always a nice gesture and keeps people in a celebratory mood.

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