Fashion Model Requirements

Getting into the world of fashion modeling can open the doors to a fruitful and rewarding career. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about modeling. For instance, people say that to be a model you have to be tall, slender and beautiful with perfect proportions. This may be true for high fashion models but if you don’t fit the criteria, that doesn’t mean you cannot be a model as there are many other areas to work as one. Here are a few fashion model requirements to bear in mind.

Fashion Model Requirements

High Fashion

High fashion models will likely be incredibly tall and lean. They will often grace editorials and runways for leading fashion designers and houses. A high fashion model will typically be required to be between 5”8 to 5“11 with a typical bust size of 34 and dress size of 4-6 US (or 6-8UK). The age will often range from 14-25.

For guys, they will often need to be between (5”11 to 6”2) with a chest size of 37” to 42”, excellent physique and a 30” to 32” waist. The age range is usually more flexible for guys: anywhere from 16 to 40 or longer.

Editorial Print

This refers to modeling for magazine covers, editorials, and other photoshoots. Standard requirements are similar to those of high fashion models and you must also be very photogenic. High fashion models will often work in editorial print and vice versa.

Commercial PrintFashion Model Requirements

This covers a huge market that incorporates every kind of print advertising. As such, it can range from advertising on billboards to products on supermarket shelves to magazines. The target audience for this type of modeling varies considerably, which makes working as a commercial print model beneficial. 

Catalog Modeling

A catalog model’s job is to make companies that create catalogs (online or print) look good. This type of modeling offers a wide range of opportunities as companies choose models to represent their target audiences. With the increasing number of companies that are going online to promote their goods, catalog modeling is growing significantly lucrative.

Plus-Size Modeling

Plus size modeling is for the larger body type and is also relatively on the increase. More companies are embracing the use of plus-size models to appeal to a broader demographic.

Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling focuses on sexuality. It will often range from swimwear and lingerie shoots to nude and artistic photography to men’s magazines. You need to be confident, beautiful and sexy. Height restrictions rarely apply, but an outgoing personality is a plus.

Bottom Line

Different types of modeling will have varying fashion modeling requirements. For instance, real-life modeling is great if you don’t fit any strict criteria as companies are looking to represent the everyday person. The trick is to find the right fit for you.

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