How Many Different Colors of Gold Are There? – Four Main Colors

How many different colors of gold are there? Gold pieces come in different colors depending on the metals used in making them. The common colors of gold are yellow, green, white, and rose. Different metal alloys are used to give the gold varying colors. They are nickel, silver, palladium, zinc, and copper.

Different Colors of Gold


Yellow gold is a mixture of pure gold and zinc, silver and copper. This color is easier to maintain compared to the others. Yellow gold is highly hypoallergenic.


How Many Different Colors of Gold Are There?

With white gold, manufacturers mix pure gold with palladium. However, white gold can also be a combination of gold, zinc, nickel, and palladium. The upside of white gold is the fact that it is durable and scratch resistant. If you are looking for a more affordable gold color, this is the option for you. It is cheaper than yellow gold.

Pink/ Rose

Rose gold entails gold, silver, and copper. The copper component gives the gold its rose or pink color. It also makes rose gold last longer than white and yellow gold colors.


Green is a wonderful color too. Green gold consists of gold and silver.

Other Colors

Are buying a necklace, bracelet, or ring for a loved one or yourself? You can surely find a color of gold that will best suit yours or their taste.

Yellow gold is spectacular, but it is expensive. A worthy alternative would be white gold, which is just as stunning but more affordable. The other colors of gold include blue, purple, and black. This way, you have a variety of colors to choose from.

What are Gold Carats?

When buying gold jewelry, you will hear the term, “gold carat.” It refers to how pure the gold used in making a piece is. The letter “K” stands for carat. Look out for the “K” when shopping for accessories.


Pure gold stands at 24k. Nonetheless, it is rare to find jewelry with a 24 carat rating because pure gold is soft and bends easily. That is why it is mixed with other metals to strengthen it and boost its durability for everyday use.


18k jewelry is worth your while. It contains 75% of pure gold, while 14k has 58%. 14k is stronger and more affordable than the 18k gold products. The lowest carat level you can buy is 10k, which has 42% of pure gold. Nothing below 10 should be termed gold jewelry.

Next Steps

So, how many different colors of gold are there? Since gold can be mixed with different metals to create different hues, there are many colors you can choose from. Althoughthere are many options, the most popular colors of gold are yellow, white, pink/rose, and green. The different color options give you the freedom to find a shade that suits your personal preference.

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