How to Store T Shirts Without Wrinkling

T shirts are comfortable, inexpensive, durable and functional. Many people consider tees to be their wardrobe staple. While t shirts are less likely to wrinkle, they can also wrinkle. You can take several measures to ensure your t shirts are wrinkle-free and ready for weak. Here are a few tips on how to store t shirts without wrinkling.

How to Store T Shirts Without Wrinkling

Storing in The Shelf or Drawer

If you store your t shirts in a shelf or drawer, spare a few seconds to fold them neatly. Folding can go a long way in helping to prevent wrinkles. Lay the t shirts face down on a bed or counter. Fold each of the sleeves and about one to 3 inches of each side of the t shirts towards the middle of the shirt. Once you’ve created a long rectangle fold a few inches of the tail section of the shirt to shorten the rectangle before folding it in half. Once you’re done, store the t shirts in stacks.

Storing in The Closet

If you have room in your closet, hang the t shirts on hangers.

Packing for a Journey

When packing for your travels, rolling t shirts is a great way to keep the wrinkle-free while also saving space in your suitcase or bag. Start by laying the t shirts face down on your bed or other flat surface. Fold the sleeves towards the middle and roll the shirt tightly from the bottom hem all the way to the neckline. You can then tuck rolled t shirts over other items you’ve packed to stabilize them.How to Store T Shirts Without Wrinkling

You want to avoid overpacking as pressure on the folded parts of your t shirts can create creases. The trick is to fill your suitcase to the brim so that your clothes won’t move around, but that doesn’t mean you should force in extra clothes.

Rather than leave your t shirts in a pile of clothing, be sure to remove them from the dryer once a cycle ends or hand them immediately. Warm t shirts tend to wrinkle easily when left in a pile.

Avoid Creases

Avoiding creases in your clothes means you have to select the right fabrics. T shirt fabrics such as linen, cotton and silk may be comfortable but they tend to pick up wrinkles before you even put them in a drawer or closet. If you’re on vacation and would like a crease-free vacation, consider synthetics such as Lycra, polyester and nylon.

If you’re out on holiday, unpack and hang your clothes as soon as you get your destination. Creases will often reduce and disappear when you hang them after a day or two. A faster way to deal with wrinkles includes hanging your clothes in the bathroom before taking a long hot shower. You can also use a wrinkle-releasing spray to smooth out wrinkles before hanging clothes to dry.

Bottom Line

The tips mentioned should guide you on how to store t shirts without wrinkling. Dedicate a little time and effort and you’ll enjoy wrinkle-free t shirts. It’s all about making a few sacrifices and taking precautionary measures.

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