How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look – Less is More

Jewelry is an integral part of fashion and style. How you wear your jewelry shapes your looks; your style defines your confidence and creativity. Quite often most of us have the idea of how we want to look, but when it comes to wearing jewelry, we get stuck. Below are all the ideas of how to wear jewelry to compliment your look.

Time and space are the essential factors to consider. Casual wear can go with its style of jewelry- you can go over the top with color and style. When it comes to office wear, however, a minimalist style is better to keep things professionally cute.

How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

Wearing Jewelry with Office Outfits

Less is More: Here is a rule of thumb – after investing time and effort into your looks in the morning, take off one piece of jewelry before you leave the house. For instance, if you have a necklace and earrings on, ditch the bangles. Select jewelry that adds just enough but not too much glamour to your looks.

How to Wear Jewelry to Compliment Your Look

Make a Bold Statement: Bright-colored necklaces or earrings can help you stand out, and they are ideal for adding life to a basic dress. Earrings, mainly, can jazz up a dull dress and make your hair look great. Medium sized dangly earrings are an excellent choice for an office setting; they are visible without being overboard.

Go for Quality Trinkets: In a professional setting, replicas can easily mess up your overall look by staining your dress or breaking. Always wear quality jewelry, like gold, that can add class and elegance to your entire look. The best thing with quality trinkets is that they are also long-lasting, saving you a great deal of money in the long run.

Professional jewelry wear doesn’t have to be dull. You only have to strike a balance between the jewelry and the rest of your outfit. A bright outfit might need an everyday necklace while a single tone dress will need bright sets of jewelry. It is also wise to look around and inquire about your office’s dressing etiquette.

Casual Jewelry Wear

Casual outfits allow for more creative freedom when it comes to jewelry. Whether it is an evening out with friends or a date, you can find unique ways to express yourself with jewelry size, color or shape that makes you stand out.

Bring out the Flashy Side of You: Stepping out for the night? How about you let your hair down with necklaces, chokers and chunky bangles – whatever makes you look your best. You can play around with different sizes and colors of these ornaments to achieve the look you desire.

Obey your Color Tone: Whether free or with makeup, your jewelry choice should align well with your color tone. For warmer tones, gold brings out the glow better than any colors. For fairer skin tones, silver works best. The same applies to your dresses, for instance, pair up white jewelry with green dresses. To complement your look with jewelry, first, decide on the outfit.

In Conclusion

You should now know how to wear jewelry to compliment your look. An office outfit needs minimalist jewelry styles, but you can go with bold trinkets in the case of a dull dress. Casual outfits allow you freedom and creativity when it comes to jewelry size, color, and shape. In all these situations however you should let your personality and style guide you.

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