Jewelry Care Tips

Fine and sterling silvers will oxidize naturally. Your natural body chemistry, certain chemicals, and the environment might oxidize your metal jewelry and can change the color of your jewelry as well.  You can use your jewelry for a long time and can maintain the original look with proper care. If you are looking for some jewelry care tips to prevent tarnishing, you can consider going through the following article. It will enable you to wear your favorite piece of jewelry whenever you want without bothering much about discoloration and oxidation.

Jewelry Care Tips

What Causes Tarnishing & Discoloration?

With time, your sterling silver jewelry will tarnish after being exposed to the air.  Sterling silver is made with a mixture that combines around 92.5% silver and 7.5 % of other materials.  In metals, the copper will oxidize in the air. As the result, you will notice a buildup of the tarnished layer on your sterling silver jewelry.

It will tarnish faster if you are living in the air polluted and high humidity areas. In addition, contact with other materials like your hairspray, cosmetics, body lotion, bleach, deodorant, perfume, can also make the tarnishing faster.

The silver will be oxidized by reacting with your skin acids and the moisture in Jewelry Care Tipsperspiration.  It can also tarnish by reacting with other chemicals and cosmetics on your skin.

How to Take Care of Your Jewelry

There are many ways to maintain and clean your jewelry. We will discuss some effective and easy cleaning tips that can work for most of your jewelry.

  • Avoid using silver cleaner. These cleaners might remove the black letters from your jewelry.
  • Only use a silver polishing cloth to polish the silver jewelry.
  • While performing other tasks such as garden cleaning, working out, and swimming, remove all the jewelry. Otherwise, it might cause physical damage.
  • Avoid exposure to certain chemicals such as the bleach, chlorine, and ammonia.
  • Remove your jewelry before taking a shower.
  • It is also suggested to put on all the jewelry after makeup. Apply your cosmetics, lotions, perfume, and hairspray and then put on your jewelry. Chemicals in these products can cause oxidation.

How to Take Care of the Gold Filled Jewelry

You do not need any extra caution to take care of your gold filled jewelry. Simple maintenance will serve the purpose.

  • With proper handling, gold filled jewelry will only need buffing.
  • Take a flannel or polishing cloth to buff your jewelry.
  • Store your gold filled jewelry in dry places.
  • Remove all your jewelry while performing tasks such as cleaning, gardening, swimming, and working out to prevent physical damage.
  • Exposure to chemicals might damage your jewelry. Avoid exposure to certain chemicals that include ammonia, bleach, and chlorine.
  • Put on your jewelry after applying your makeup such as cosmetics, hairspray, and lotion. The chemicals in these products might damage your jewelry.
  • Remove your jewelry before the shower.

Follow the above jewelry care tips to maintain the look and glow of your jewelry for a long time. Avoid air and chemical exposure and remove them while bathing. With these easy tips you are sure to keep your jewelry looking new and able to compliment your look.

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