Jewelry Store Marketing Ideas – For Women

In any type of marketing or advertising, it is vital to know who is the target clientele. Jewelry store marketing ideas don’t stray far from this concept in the slightest bit. Knowing the audience is always key. Once you know who you want to reach, then you can start branching out to them through the platforms they attend to most. We’ll separate these into age groups and identify how to connect with each group of women.

Jewelry Store Marketing Ideas


20-30 Single College Student or Alum


Most likely to be catching up with friends at a party, spin class or a coffee shop while trying to get work done. This type of crowd is very connected to their friends and influences via social media. Using the internet and social media platforms are the best way to reach the young single crowd who are most likely looking for fashion inspiration on apps such as Instagram and Pinterest. Keep in mind that internet may Jewelry Store Marketing Ideasbe the best way to reach the 20-30 year old range, however, every once in a while (during a doctor’s visit or what have you) there is a chance that a fashion or lifestyle magazine will catch their attention and you’ll want your products in there.


27-40 Stay At Home Hero


Being a mother means the social gatherings don’t happen in the club at midnight anymore. Social gatherings are now at 2pm in the Kids Club, playground or during a playdate. Stay at home mothers will more likely get their influence from daytime talk shows, mommy blogs, parenthood magazines and, again, Pinterest.


40-60 Hustling Queens


Women who are career minded and much more mature socialize less online and more in country clubs, work and benefit events. Platforms that influence this group are local news, other business women, spa resorts and personal shoppers. Mature working women who are unstoppable still follow style and want to look like the head boss in charge at all times.  Because social media is not a top priority for this age group, specific lifestyle magazines, local news channels and involvement in fundraising will be the best way to reach them.


New businesses will try to reach as many demographics as they possibly can. This is actually very possible if the product is versatile and can be paired with many different styles, however, that is a very rare case.


The best thing to do is figure out maybe 1 or 2 groups that you think you can potentially reach out and relate to the most. Maybe start your demographic of clientele as small as the student body of a certain college town or all the moms in one city.


Know your audience. Understand who your product connects to the most and find out how to reach them with some of many jewelry store marketing ideas.  

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