What are the Spring Colors for 2019?

After reviewing fashion weeks completed recently, it is time to find out what are the spring colors for 2019. It seems that mixed colors and pastel colors can be more popular due to their warm and rich autumn like feel. You may not be ready to welcome spring but you can have a look on some of the colors that are expected to be popular in spring 2019.

What are the Spring Colors for 2019? – Sprucing Up Your Closet

As you begin spring cleaning your closet, it’s important to consider the colors you currently have in your wardrobe. Spring 2019 color trends include bright colors, as well as pastels and some neutrals.

Pressed Rose: This light rosy color was iconic during fashion month for its shameless femininity and princely touch.

Powdery Ballet Pink: This pink color with powdery ballet and blush rosy touch looks very delicate.

Light Lavender: Pastel lavender can be a trendy color during spring 2019 due to its soft and cool shade.

Sweet Lilac: This gentle baby pink color with a touch of lavender can be more popular for designing girlish apparels.What are the Spring Colors for 2019

Pink Peacock: The intense magenta shade in this color makes it the most striking color for spring 2019.

Living Coral: This bright color is the perfect mixture of bright pink and orange shades.

Jester Red: This color can be trendy in spring 2019 due to its intense and deep red shade.

Fiesta: This trendy color has a true red shade with lots of fire and warmer undertones.

Egg-Yolk Pastel Yellow: It is the best shade of pastel yellow with combination of cream and lemon verbena.

Turmeric: This yellowish orange color can give you a healthy feel due to health benefits of turmeric.

Aspen Gold: This color is slightly deep yellow with barely a tinge of orange.

Lemon Verbena: This cheerful lemony color is one of the softest shades of yellow color.

Terrarium Moss: It can be a trendy color in spring 2019 due to its natural lush moss green shade.

Mango Mojito: Though it seems to be an autumnal color but designers have appreciated it.

Neon Green: This color is the loudest one that can be trendy in spring 2019 due to the trend of pastels and soft colors.

Pepper Stem: This color is the warmer, but lighter sibling, of Terrarium Moss which can give you a renewed and healthy feel.

Princess Blue: It is the lively and shiny shade of calm, luxurious and confident blue color.

Clear Water Blue: It is the pastel shade of soothing blue which can make things look more cheerful and calm.

Toffee: The combination of yellow and red shades in this color can make it trendier in spring 2019.

Silver: Silver can be an outstanding color in spring 2019 fashion for its metallic and luxurious looks.

Eclipse: This navy blue color is very close to black shade without leaving the nature of blue shade.

Brown Granite: It is a serious but cool shade of brown color which can give a sophisticated look t your wardrobe

Soybean: It is a naturally sophisticated shade due to the neutral feel it provides.

Creamy Tan: This creamy color is different due to the mixture of the shades of beige and tan colors in it.

Sweet Corn: The buttery off-white shade of this color will make it trendy in spring 2019.

Bottom Line

The colors discussed in this write-up are the shades which were most appreciated by the designers during fashion month. After learning what are the spring colors for 2019, you can easily choose one or a few of them for your wardrobe. It will keep you on top of the latest fashion trends.

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