Model Checklist For Photoshoot

Proper preparation for a photo shoot is vital for the best results when it comes to modeling. It requires one to devote all energy and pack the required essentials in advance. Whether you are a pro or first time model, the following photo shoot essentials will count. Read below for a model checklist for photoshoot.

Model Checklist For Photoshoot




  1. Availability

Ensure your phone battery is full and on. Check the messages or mail to see whether somebody tried to contact you. Also, be near your cell phone since unexpected events may happen and nothing can be annoying when you are out of reach.


  1. Be Punctual

Time is of the essence when it comes to a photo shoot. Ensure you keep time to the specific location. If possible, get there in time. This way, you will have extra time to choose your outfits as well as make up your hair and face.


  1. No Makeup

Come with no makeup on if you want to save time. In addition, makeups are hard to remove and may cause reactions on your skin.


  1. A Natural face

Enough sleep will give you a fresh face on the photo shoot day. Avoid partying all Model Checklist For Photoshootnight since the outcomes are likely to remain on your face the following morning. Also, take enough water one day prior to the big day.


What to Bring


  1. Strapless Bras

There are several occasions you will take photos with strapless dresses. Other dress will definitely have thin straps. However, avoid troubling bra-straps at all costs.


  1. Strapless Tops

Strapless tops are a good choice if you need a beauty photo shoot with a cropped face and shoulders. These tops rarely divert facial attention.


  1. High-heeled Shoes

A good outfit is always complemented by the right shoes. High-heeled shoes play the role of providing an elevated illusion on the individual’s legs.


  1. Hair Accessories

You must bring some Bobbi pins to hold your hair back especially when doing makeup. In addition, carry extra hair accessories for varied photo shoot styles.


  1. A Pen

A smooth functioning pen will help when signing contracts as well as noting down essential information.


  1. Comp Cards

You need to create an image of a serious businesswoman. Comp cards will perfectly give that impression. Your book will act as an application folder whereby a photographer checks the already taken shoots to avoid duplication.


  1. Mandatory Beauty Products

Don’t forget to carry your beauty bag for the photo shoot. It should include the right foundations and makeups.


  1. Touch-up Supplies

If you need something to refresh your body after the photo shoot session, then carry enough wipes and sprays.


  1. After Shoot Outfit

Ensure you bring comfortable clothes and shoes to wear once you are done with the shoot.


The Bottom Line

The above model checklist for photoshoot will help you get prepared for the best results. Take them seriously like any other professional and you won’t regret.

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