Mommy Makeover Tips

Mommy makeover tips can help make your journey more enjoyable and lead to an easier recovery. Most importantly, they help you prepare for the surgery. If you get everything right from the preparation stage to the post-surgery phase, you will have an easy time. 

Mommy Makeover Tipsmommy makeover tips

In this article, you will learn about mommy makeover preparation and recovery tips that will make everything comfortable. You will also be prepared for before and after the process of plastic or cosmetic surgery. Read on and get ready for what is in front of you. 

Pre-Surgery Phase

  • Make your home recovery-friendly. You will need to rest adequately. Your home should give you exactly that. Have a comfortable bed and enough linen. Have all the chores done before you go for the surgery. 
  • Shop for all the essentials you need for quick and easy recovery. Make sure everything you will need is within reach. Get water, groceries, meal supplies, and wipes. You may need books and movies to keep you busy. Buy everything you may need in good time.
  • Get all your prescriptions beforehand. You will need prescriptions to deal with swelling and pain. Go to a qualified physician to make the prescriptions. Buy them in readiness for the next phase.
  • Have someone to help. You will not be in a position to do most of your house chores. You can use an extra pair of hands to feed your pets, take kids to schools, make meals, and cleaning. If a relative or a close friend is willing to help, it is the best decision. 

Post-Surgery Phase

This is a very critical stage, and you have to do everything right. Here is all you should do to make it easy on yourself and those around you:

  • Take it easy with your body. It is not the time for doing heavy lifting until you cross the two-week mark — especially after breast surgery. In fact, you should not do anything strenuous. Even lifting your kids is out of bounds. Follow all the instructions from your surgeon — especially when it comes to what foods to eat. They are there to help with recovery. 
  • Keep up with all the post-surgery appointments. How it runs out after the procedure is dependent on several things. Everyone heals differently. Therefore, follow-up appointments are very crucial in monitoring your progress. Your surgeon can see how you are healing and make necessary recommendations. You will be advised on how to take care of your body and more recovery tips. Do not skip any of these dates until they are over. 
  • Adhere to the recommended dress code. As said earlier, you will get swellings. They should not scare you. It is normal. The doctor will recommend wearing compression garments on your breasts or over the waist depending on what procedure you underwent. Don’t get off these garments until you are given the green light. 

Bottom Line 

After reading the mommy makeover tips, you should be ready for the procedure. You will have no problem healing as long as you follow the tips and instructions from your doctor. The preparation stage is very crucial, thus make sure you get it right. Everything else will be easy until you have recovered fully. 


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