Best Outfits for a Photoshoot – Look Your Best

Living in an era where professionally captured photos are the day’s order, you have to ask yourself what outfits are appropriate for a photo shoot. An outfit can change your photos from dull or lifeless, to glam and memorable. Given that professional photo shoots don’t come cheap, you have to choose your outfits very carefully to avoid wasting time and money. Choosing the best outfits for a photoshoot is all about simple details such as outfit patterns, color, size and design. Different photographers have different opinions on the best outfits for a photoshoot, but there are basic rules you can follow to avoid common mistakes and portraits that don’t measure up to your expectations.

Best Outfits for a Photoshoot

Things to Consider When Choosing a Photo Shoot Outfit

Photo shoots take place in different contexts and locations. From baby bump shoots to family portraits and professional photos, each context demands a different approach in outfit selection. This is why you need to take the following factors into consideration before delving deeper into the technicalities of clothes:

Shoot Location

Best Outfits for a Photoshoot

Are you shooting in an office setup, at the beach, on a road or in an indoor studio? Your clothes need to complement rather than clash with the background.

What message do you want to convey or which memory do you want your images to spark in future? Is it a baby bump, your beauty and personality, an engagement photo shoot, or your baby’s 1st birthday. The outfit should bring out the underlying message clearly.

Are there imperfections you’d like to cover up? Your outfit should bring out your best features while covering up the aspects of your body you’re not confident about.

What to Wear During the Photoshoot

Go with the Most Comfortable Option

Before deciding on things such as outfit color and design, comfort should come first. If you’re confident and comfortable in your outfit, you’ll be able to pose well. However, if you’re concerned that you might be showing too much or that your body shape could be distorted, you’ll end up focusing on covering up the ‘malfunctions’, rather than enjoying the photo shoot. This, may in return, affect the overall outcome negatively.

Solid Colors Never Disappoint

Blue, green, black, red, yellow and pink are way easier to photograph when compared to screaming colors like neon and lime. These colors do not draw much attention to themselves, thus making it easy to focus on your facial features, at the end of the day, your face and the emotion behind it are what matter. Clothes are just meant to compliment your features, not overwhelm them. Moreover, photoshoots are usually characterized by excess lighting which can bounce on certain colors, creating a negative effect. These solid colors, however, are able to absorb light, making it easier to capture your most important features — which is an essential if you’re going to a model casting call.

Avoid Extreme Patterns

While patterns look great in real life, camera lenses do not perceive things like human eyes. Lenses can easily distort patterns by compressing or expanding them. As a result, you may end up acquiring a shape that you do not like. In addition, patterns tend to be very busy and can easily be a source of distraction. To better understand why patterns are not recommended, think about the principle of movement in art. Movement refers to what your eyes see when first exposed to an image and how they move from one element to another. Patterned clothes are so ‘noisy’ that they’re likely to attract people’s attention faster than your face or other important elements of your image.

Less is More

Simplicity is highly recommended when it comes to photoshoot outfits. A photo can end up appearing too ‘busy’ or ‘noisy’ if you wear too many colors, garments or accessories. Jeans and plain white or black shirts tend to work very well in keeping things simple. However, if you’re not the simple type, you can still bring out the oomph in you by toning down things such as makeup, hair and shoes, if you rock bold outfits. For instance, you may take your shoes off and do a barefoot shoot if you feel like you already have too much on.

Bottom Line

In summary, define what you want to achieve with the photoshoot and establish the elements of an outfit that would help you convey this message in order to come up with the best outfits for a photoshoot. In addition, take time to try out different outfits before the photoshoot. If you like what you see in the mirror, you’ll probably love the portraits. Lastly, talk to the photographer beforehand and ask for tips. They’re professionals who understand how camera lenses work and they’re therefore capable of advising you accordingly.


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