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If you are wondering how to prepare for a model casting call, look no further. Modeling is by far one of the most luxurious career fields. It is a highly competitive industry and similar to other professional fields, only the best make it through to the top. While it is easy to pass it as a career just suited for individuals with stunning beauty and admirable physiques, what many of us perhaps don’t know is that like any other form of employment, models also go through an interview.

Modeling interviews also called casting calls allow clients including art directors, fashion moguls, and designers to assess what is on offer and determine if a model fits their profile. As a model, therefore, it is vital that you attend these interviews adequately prepared. How then can you do this? Here are several essential tips on how to prepare for a model casting call:

How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call

How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call


  1. Do Your Homework On the Client:


Different clients have varying needs; which therefore necessitates for any self-respecting model to do a thorough background check of their client to identify precisely what they are looking for. For instance, if the client is a designer, you need to know what type of look or body they usually go for. By understanding this before your casting call, you can get there fully prepared. It gives you the confidence and knowledge to be what they are looking for even before you attend the interview.


  1. Look Natural, Be You!


Most directors at the casting call are looking for someone that is very natural, and more of a blank canvas. They are looking for something that can mold and integrate into their vision. As such, it is vital that you only show the real you. As a first, you can start by applying very light makeup as this will ensure that you only present your innate untouched beauty. Similarly, ensure you avoid flashy attire and go for simple dressing. However, be certain that the clothes are tight enough to reveal your body shape and complement your figure. Finally, get rid of any extra piercings and also cover any visible tattoos unless they prefer so.


  1. Get There On Time:

How to Prepare For a Model Casting Call

One way to prepare for a model casting, is to be on time. Time is money, and just like any other official event, be sure to arrive on time for your casting call. Arriving on time shows the directors that you can make it to your scheduled event or shoot on time. Get there a little earlier (15-20 minutes earlier or so) as this will afford you ample time to not only familiarize with the setting but also to compose yourself and make a good impression.


  1. Don’t Forget Your Professional Portfolio:


In modeling, a professional portfolio serves as a traditional CV since it exhibits your previous works not to mention some of your best works. This applies to all candidates notwithstanding whether or not you had previous works. Your portfolio should have between 10 and 15 of your best photos, and it will help the directors have a taste of what you are offering and show your competence.


  1. First Impressions Last; Make Yours a Lasting One!


It is no brainer that directors interact with so many models during a casting call. Once you realize this, it is then vital that you strive to stand out from the rest of the candidates. How can you do this? First, portray a sense of high esteem and confidence in your walk, your presentation, as well as how you relate with the casting call directors. In essence, exude confidence. Why? More often than not, this feeling tends to rub off on others, and this will draw the client to you.


Bottom Line

Having the complete understanding of your craft is richly rewarding because it not only gives you a significant competitive edge, it also sets you out as a true professional. Hopefully you now know how to prepare for a model casting call.

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