Runway Modeling Tips – How to Own the Stage

When you hear the words runway model, the names that come to mind are Naomi Campbell, Karlie Kloss, and other famous supermodels. True enough, this is a tough industry to break into, especially for men. So how do you let your star shine as a runway model, given that there are already many superstars? Confidence, elegance and a commanding presence –that’s all it takes. Below you will find great runway modeling tips for the gentlemen wanting to enter the industry.


Runway Modeling Tips


Work Out and Eat Healthy


There are necessary physical requirements that you should meet to qualify for runway modeling. You can achieve these requirements through regularly working out and a healthy diet. You can also practice mindfulness and use the right skin care products.Runway Modeling Tips


Men need to be at least 6 feet tall with a 38-inch chest and a 32-inch waist. A good muscle definition can help you stand out. You should also have a great smile, nice and clear skin, runway confidence and charm. Women should be at least 5’9 tall and wear a size 2-4-6. You will also need to have nice skin, a toned body and a runway grace and style.


Be Smooth and Confident


As a male model, you will need to walk with your feet apart on the runway. Instead of walking in a straight keep your feet parallel and walk at a steady pace. Move at the knees and avoid swaying the hips, male designers find that to be too feminine.


For ladies, don’t exaggerate hip movements- just walk naturally. Move in a straight line and let your arms swing gracefully by your body. Assume a commanding and flirty attitude.


Both male and female models need to maintain a straight posture when walking and keep the head up. Focus at the front past the audience to an imaginary spot. Don’t look at the audience or interact with them in any way, unless requested by the designers. Just remember that confidence shows, and that is the single most important selling point for models.


Keep Your Walk Natural


There is a thin line between keeping an upright posture and looking all robotic on the runway. Try to look natural with shoulders thrown back and your knees, hips, and angles all moving in a straight line. All eyes will be on you on that stage, but you will have to look natural, sexy and confident.


Study and Practice


Being a successful runway model takes time, and you should be willing to invest that into learning and practice. You can ask your agency to furnish you with a trainer or sit down with your computer and study from YouTube. Watch videos of the world’s superstar male runway models and practice their moves.


To achieve progress, be sure to ask for constructive feedback from your friends and mentors in the modeling world. Remember to remain original- don’t copy everything from those you look up to


Work with Multiple Agencies


It helps for exposure. It can be tough to get a breakthrough in this industry for it is already star-studded and crowded. Opportunities are even scarcer for men, but you increase your chances if you are adequately represented.


Achieving success as a runway model takes time and hard work. The important tips to remember include taking care of your physique, to be smooth, confident and stylish on the runway and to keep practicing every day. Hopefully, these runway modeling tips help you with your next runway walk.


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