T Shirt Care Instructions

Whether you wear t-shirts daily or you have a few that you love to wear over the weekend, you wouldn’t want to lose them prematurely. T shirts are stylish and comfortable, but you also need to care for them so they don’t end up in the trash bin. As such, here are a few t shirt care instructions to bear in mind.

T Shirt Care Instructions

this post points out a few tips on how to take care of your t shirts. It covers everything from preventing shrinkage and dealing with stains to going easy on detergents and washing them inside out.

Prevent Shrinkage

Most t-shirts are made of cotton, which is prone to shrinking. the last thing you want is for your t-shirts to end up small even before you get a chance to wear them. talk about a waste of money. Fortunately, you can prevent this with just a little care.

T Shirt Care Instructions

the trick is to use your washing machine’s delicate cycle with cold water or wash the t-shirts by hand. You also want to avoid putting any natural fiber clothing in the dryer. Instead, hang your tees on hangers to dry to allow them to dry flat.

Wash Sparingly

Washing your t-shirts takes a serious toll on them. Frequent washing and drying wear down the fabric quickly. While it’s not advisable to never wash your tees, you can probably get away with wearing them a couple of times before washing them.

Treat Stains Properly

It’s important to bear in mind that different stains are treated differently. Regardless of the type of stain though, you need to treat it as quickly as possible. Remove as much of the spill as you can and determine the best way to treat the remaining stain. Allowing a stain to sit makes it more likely for it to set. In most cases, avoid rubbing as that could force the stain deeper into the fabric.

Always Sort Your Laundry

T Shirt Care Instructions

Sorting laundry is a simple step many people neglect but shouldn’t. If you’re washing your tees with your jackets in the same load, for example, a zipper could end up damaging your favorite t shirt. It’s also crucial to sort your t-shirts by color.

Wash Inside Out

Before throwing your t-shirts into the washing machine, turn them inside out. this is especially critical if it’s decorated or screen printed. turning your tees inside out during the laundering cycle helps to keep dark and bright colors from fading and also prevents images from being damaged during the washing process.

Go Easy on Detergent and Fabric Softener

Too much detergent or fabric softener can harm your clothing. the extra detergent you use for cleaning settles on clothing making it stiff, uncomfortable and dull. too much fabric softener has a similar effect.

Bottom Line

With those simple t shirt care instructions, you can wear your t shirts for longer. It’s also important to be careful with bleach and avoid overloading the washer. Another useful tactic is to rotate your tees so you aren’t wearing the same ones constantly. that will prevent them from wearing out prematurely. Always make sure you are storing your shirts properly as well.

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