Things to do Before Surgery

While the surgeon has a huge role to play in your surgery, your part is just as important. Even after taking your time to find the right surgeon and schedule the surgery, you still have plenty to do. As a patient, you’re now responsible for everything from your pre-operative health to post-surgery care. The efforts you make before surgery will have an impact after surgery. Here are some things to do before surgery.

Things to do Before Surgery

Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

It goes without saying that going into surgery healthier improves the chances that you will come out stronger. For health reasons, you need to focus on good nutrition, exercise and quitting cigarettes.

Good nutrition before surgery is crucial. Your surgeon may even request that you lose weight or embark on a specific diet before surgery. Even though there are no specific recommendations, a diet rich in protein and nutrients such as calcium, zinc and vitamin C and D can help to speed up the healing process.Things to do Before Surgery

Routine exercise will help to improve your muscle recovery and cardiovascular health. 

Quitting cigarettes before surgery is not only healthier but can also improve your post-operative outcomes significantly.

Organize Your Finances

Surgery is taxing enough without the added stress of wondering how you’re going to pay for everything. This includes everything from your hospital stay to home care or physical therapy you will need post-surgery.

To ensure better peace of mind, consider doing the following:

  • Contact your human resources department or employer to discuss your options regarding sick or vacation time. 
  • Speak with your doctor to get a clear idea of the tests and other outpatients/inpatient services you will need before, during and after surgery. Many of these procedures may require pre-authorization from your insurer. If authorizations are not obtained, you may be required to pay them out of pocket.
  • Speak with your insurer to understand what will and won’t be covered by your policy.

Arrange for Help

While some surgeries are more invasive than others, all surgeries require a recovery period that you need to respect. The trick, therefore, is to get all the help you need. The more help you’re able to get, the faster you can get on your feet.

  • Ask a family member or a friend or find childcare services to step in while you’re at the hospital or at home recovering.
  • Get a colleague at work to fill in for you during your absence
  • Find a family member or friend who can take you home after you’ve been released from the hospital
  • Make physiotherapy appointments in advance to ensure you get the appointment times and the provider you want.
  • Contact a home health service in advance if you foresee you might need home care.

Bottom Line

Whether you are getting cosmetic or plastic surgery, things to do before surgery help you to be well prepared for the procedure and ensure you’re comfortable during the recovery process. It’s also a good idea to pack all the essentials you’ll need so you won’t need to rely on the hospital gift shop or hospital staff for supplies. Also, be sure to leave all your cash, credit cards and other valuables at home.

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