Types of Fashion Trends – Staying in Style

If there is one thing that’s constant in the fashion world, it’s the constant change. You cannot expect a style or trend to be there forever. Trends change every year and every season. You need to know these trends to stay fashionably updated. So, what are the different types of fashion trends this year?

Types of Fashion Trends

There are a number of changes this year. With different styles coming in and increase in the innovations, trends are always changing. Here are some of the few fashion styles that are completely in trend this summer:

  • 1: Vintage Style

This is one of the more popular fashion styles. Of course, the looks that are inspired by dressing styles and accessories from the 20s to the 70s are known as vintage style. There are many celebrities who love to sport this look or style in many occasions. You can get some amazing inspiration from their outfits and style.

  • 2: Bohemian Trend

Another fashion trend that is gaining in popularity is bohemian fashion. This style is quite similar to that of the arty with exotic textures and wild extravagant patterns. This fashion trend is inspired many by the hippies and gypsies. This kind of look or style is also commonly termed as Boho style.

  • 3: Chic FashionTypes of Fashion Trends

Chic style is mainly characterized by being fashionable and trendy. Being chic make you look striking and smart as well. This type of style is quite classy and sleek. This is mainly comprised of strong colors that are not much extravagant in nature. Chic style can be perfectly done with a pair of well-fitted trousers, solid colored tops along with a classy coat or jacket. Do not forget to team it up with a pair of pumps and a sleek handbag.

  • 4: Artsy Fashion Trend

Artsy, as the name suggests, is a fashion trend that invokes the creativity of an individual. This fashion trend is perfect for the ones who love to create a fashion statement of their own. If you are not into those traditional norms of fashion and love to create a path of your own, then this is the right place for you. This is an unconventional form of fashion with innovative designs and styles.

  • 5: Rock Style Trend

Ripped jeans, leather jacket, vintage t-shirts and a Gothic look all fall under the rocker style. It is one of the best and most versatile fashion styles that is quite trending these days. Even you can see that many celebrities are following this fashion trend making it more and more popular.


So, these are some of the types of fashion trends that are quite popular these days. You can surely use these trends to make your look even more appealing when you are going out. However, make sure to dress for the occasion as well.

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