Types of Watch Straps 

Two things qualify a watch to be a great piece. One, its brand. Some watch brands are everyone’s dream — no debate about that. Two, the watch strap. Without the strap, you would not have your watch on your wrist. Consequently, there are various types of watch straps. What you choose is down to preference and the depth of your pocket. 

Types of Wat

types of watch straps

Types of Watch Straps

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Do you want to know the various watch straps out there? You are in the right place. This post will be exploring watch straps and will tell you the good or bad about each of them when you’re looking for jewelry and accessories to compliment your look. This will be your go-to guide.

Rally Strap

Just like rally gloves, rally straps are perforated to make them breathable even in the heat of summer. They are typically made of leather, but some of them come in rubber. They are durable and friendly to the skin. 

Nato Strap

It is a perfect choice for pairing up with a casual outfit. Nato straps are mostly made of nylon, but there are a few made of leather. They are lightweight, durable, versatile, and come at very affordable prices. 

Perlon Strap

Perlon straps are becoming popular by the day thanks to their simple and versatile design. They use interwoven nylon threads to form a strong band. The strap does not feature a hole for a pin, and in deviation from the regular nylon strap, it has a 3D texture. It is lightweight and comfortable on the wrist, but will not give much of durability. 

Stitched-Leather Straps

For those who love rocking in jeans, you could never have a better strap choice than this one. It is stitched on the edges for durability and aesthetics. Most of the straps here come in brown or black shades and goes well with various types of watch size trends.

Zulu Strap

You are right if you have noticed some resemblance between Zulu and nato straps. You might have also noted the material on Zulu straps is slightly thicker than on nato. You will have two options with Zulu straps: the five rings and three rings, whereby the former has thicker material and lopping. 

Oyster Bracelet

You cannot talk about watch straps and not mention metal bracelets. Oyster bracelets are your typical straps. They are the brainchild of Rolex and were first used on the brand’s diver watches. It is strong, and most customers love it for its functionality. It is often used on sports, casual, and diving timepieces. 

Engineer Bracelet

It has detailed symmetrical patterns. Every joint has five columns of links to make it solid and durable. It is a perfect fit for a large watch that is equally detailed. 

Bottom Line 

After going through the types of watch straps, which one do you prefer? Honestly, no one type is above the rest. Each strap is suitable for different uses and situations such as when you’re keeping in mind the color rules and whatnot. As you choose your favorite strap, have in mind its comfort on your skin as well as its durability. At the end of the day, it is your preference that will inform your decision. Choose a watch strap that fits into your needs and compliments your outfit whether you’re styling a graphic tee, getting dressed up for a nice event or anything else. 

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