Washing Instructions For Screen Printed Shirts

Do you have your washing instructions for screen printed shirts in order? It might sound a bit too dramatic, but even T Shirts require a special kind of love, even more so if they’re screen printed shirts! You really need to know how to dry screen printed shirts and how to iron print T Shirts carefully, or else, the damage could be irreversible! 

Washing Instructions For Screen Printed Shirts


In case you don’t know how to properly care for your printed shirts and garments, worry not! Our article will guide you through the most basic T Shirt care instructions and help you take care of these invaluable pieces.

Washing Instructions For Screen Printed Shirts


Because the ink is now part of the fabric, the prints in the screen-printed T Shirts can last for years. However, in order to preserve the print quality and avoid wearing it out, there are some things you need to keep in mind.

  • Wash your shirts inside-out with a mild detergent.
  • Wash by hand and in cold water for the first two washes.
  • Wash only with a low temperature cycle program (90 Fahrenheit maximum).
  • Iron your shirts inside-out to maintain the structure of your print.
  • If your shirts are light colored, watch out for high temperatures (105 Fahrenheit and beyond is too hot for them), as the images could fade.
  • Properly store the shirts. 



When ironing your shirts, keep in mind the following things:

  • Iron your shirts inside-out to maintain the integrity of the print.
  • Try to iron your screen-printed between two pieces of cloth to extend its lifespan.
  • DON’T apply any kind of moisture or steam to your screen-printed shirt before ironing. The heat will damage the print.


Dry Cleaning

You can dry clean your screen-printed shirts, but be cautious: the colors, especially the dark shades, could suffer permanent damage when drying, and the print itself could get cracked too (the ink cracks when it’s completely dry). Keep an eye on your garments to avoid this issue.


How do you wash shirts without ruining the lettering?

You must wash your shirts in cold water (hot water is too harsh on the soft T Shirt fabric, especially because it could crack the print) and to not dry them at high temperatures. Remember: hot drying causes crackings.


Can you dry screen-printed shirts?

You can, but the dryer mustn’t be at high temperatures, or else, it will ruin your prints.


In fact, remove your garments from the dryer before they’re completely dry and leave them to dry naturally outside. The dryer’s high temperatures are the greatest threats to screen-printed clothes.


To summarize these important washing instructions for screen printed shirts, just remember the key element: cold temperature. Hot temperature is the ink’s worst enemy and will ruin the print’s quality and integrity. Keep in mind these T Shirt care instructions we explained and you’ll be fine. Now that you know how to dry screen printed shirts and how to iron print T Shirts too, you’re more than ready to give the proper care to your screen-printed garments!

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