Watch Size Trends

You probably have your suits well-pressed before wearing them. You also know how to accessorize. One of the critical things to make you look the place is a watch. However, that is where most people make mistakes. When you choose your piece, you should be aware of watch size trends. Not every outfit will go with just any timepiece.

Watch Size Trends

For the latest information about watches, this post has your back. It will explore some of the considerations you should make when choosing a watch as a gift or for yourself. You will know how to make your watch match whatever you are wearing.

Choosing the Right Size     

Now that people are making almost every purchase online, it is very critical to know the right size for your watch. You do not want the embarrassment of having to ship back a timepiece you have been waiting for weeks. Watch Size Trends

Here is a guideline to get your size right when it comes to watches;

  • Physically measure the circumference of your wrist. Knowing the size of your wrist is one way to find the right size for your watch. A maximum wrist size of between 6 and 7 inches should fit a watch size between 38mm and 42mm. If your wrist is as broad as 7.5mm up to 8mm, then you should choose a watch size ranging between 44mm and 46mm. 
  • The case size should help you pick the right choice. The diameter of the watch case will help point you in the right direction. Most men wear watches with a diameter range between 38mm and 46mm. For women with slim wrists, watch with a case diameter of 34mm and 36mm will be a perfect fit

In general, case sizes below 38mm are for women, while 38mm and above are for men. However, any case diameter beyond 46mm is way too flashy and not a choice you would want to have. 

Other Considerations You Should Make When Buying a Watch

For a watch that fits you, it is not only about the diameter of the case and the size of your wrist. There are other considerations you should make. Let’s see some of the considerations to make sure you will be making an appropriate choice;

  • Case thickness. Watches come in varying case sizes. Some are thin and only measure 7mm. On the larger side, the case diameter can go up to 9mm. This thickness depends on the level of complications on your timepiece. Most of the watches in the market right now have thinner cases because that is what most buyers prefer now. Watch Size Trends
  • Band material for the watch. The most common types of bands include metal and leather. Metal bracelets add weight to the wrist, and this is what many men prefer. Leather gives your watch an official appeal. In other cases, fabric is used for sports timepieces to make them lighter. 

There are many good watches out in the market. Watch size trends have been changing over time. When you purchase one, you should make sure you are getting the right size. Now you know exactly how to tell the size and buy a watch you will not regret anything about. Remember that once you have your watch you follow proper watch etiquette.

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