What is Commercial Modeling?

What is commercial modeling? It is a term you will come across in the corridors of modeling. People getting into this field should get acquainted with all the terms, and this is one of them. What does it mean, really?

What is Commercial Modeling?

If you are grappling with this question, this post has answers for you. You will know the meaning of commercial modeling. It will go further and tell you more about this subset of modeling. You might be already in it, and you don’t know. 

Commercial Modeling: What is It?                            

It is modeling with a theme of selling a product. Its message is crafted to make sales. It is an advert that will air on radio, TV, newspaper, websites, as well as billboards. It taps into the benefits of such a product and convinces consumers that it is the best purchase decision. The model tries as much as possible to present a positive image of the product rather than having to focus on runway modeling

Categories of Commercial Modeling

what is commercial modeling

The term commercial modeling is extensive. It covers any modeling message intending to sell. It has two main categories. One is commercial models, while the other is high fashion models. Commercial models are the majority of the two. They take on advertorial jobs in the low ranks. Most of the ads you see on the dailies, radios, and TVs are all covered by commercial models that attend casting calls. The scope of work for commercial models is also wide. They can be in print, videos and any other form of medium with a mass reach wearing different outfits, products and more. 

Conversely, high fashion models are few. They are attached to the most luxurious fashion brands in the world. They do adverts for a specific brand because they are usually under long-term contracts. Doing adverts for any other brand will be contravening such a contract. 

Differences Between Commercial Models and High Fashion Models

You should know that commercial models can be high fashion models as well. They have almost all the qualities and skills of the latter but not at the top, yet. However, there are several differences between the two categories. Let’s have a look at those differences;

  • High fashion models are not many. They are at the peak of their career; thus, not many people are at that level.
  • On the other hand, commercial models are more. This is where the majority of the models you see are in and audition for. However, they could one day be high fashion models as well. 
  • High fashion models take home big checks. These are models who are accomplished and working with big brands. While some commercial models make some good money, they do not take home as much as their counterparts. 
  • High fashion models take the top modeling jobs. Whatever is left goes to commercial models. Indeed, high fashion models are highly sought after by brands because of their popular profile. Commercial models are many; thus, brands can get them easily. 

Bottom Line 

Do you wish to be a model? It is the time you know what kind of modeling you want to do. You should not be wondering what is commercial modeling because now you know. 


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