What Makes a Good Watch?

Having a watch on your wrist sends a personal fashion statement. It tells people more about you than you would ever share. Therefore, you need a watch that captures the real you in a good way. There are millions of watches, and finding a good one is not easy. Before you decide to choose a particular one, you should know what makes a good watch. 

What Makes a Good Watch?

what makes a good watch

This post will highlight the things you should look for when buying a timepiece. Read on, and you will make the right decision when it comes to purchasing a watch as a fashion jewelry piece

The Type of Movement

In general, most watches have quartz movements. This is proof of top quality. Most top watch brands use quartz movement because it is not only easy but also lasts long. Equally impressive with this type of movement is that the timepieces are affordable. On the other hand, some manual movement watches are excellent. However, their movement has to be certified. 

Water Resistance

Watches and water do not mix. That is why the water-resistant feature is a crucial mark of quality and why you should care for your watch. The intensity in water resistance varies from one piece to another. The more water-resistant a piece is, the better its quality. The resistance is measured in pressure bars and will be indicated in the manual. For instance, you can wash your hands when wearing a 3 ATM watch, shower with a 5 ATM watch, and swim while wearing a 10 ATM watch. 

Watch Material

Stainless steel is the standard material for most watches. It lasts long, easy to take care of, and does not cost a fortune. Of course, there are other materials like ceramic and titanium, but they are way out of range for most people. 

You will also notice some watches are coated. It could be gold, silver, or bronze. The coating helps keep the color of your watch for a long time. That is another telltale sign of a quality timepiece. 

Seamless Finish

Watches are made by seasoned artisans. They know their craft and will take time with each piece. When you get such a watch, everything from the parts to the finishing should be perfect. You will not feel any bumps or discomfort when you wear it. With a good watch, you will feel as if it is part of your body. Bad finishes are an indication of poor workmanship and low quality. 

The Kind of Glass

If you wear your watch while doing manual work, it will be vulnerable to scratching. To guard it against a rough environment, you should go for sapphire glass. This glass remains clear all the time and is scratch-resistant. You can decide to go for other glasses such as mineral and crystal, but they are susceptible to scratching. Even if it means spending slightly more to get the top quality glass, you should not have a problem with that. 

Bottom Line 

There is a lot that goes into what makes a good watch. Now you know a few of the features and some watch etiquette. No one should dupe you into buying a low-quality timepiece after reading this. 


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