What to Wear to a Modeling Audition Female

Choosing the right outfit for your modeling audition can be more stressful than the audition itself. Your style speaks volumes and everyone knows that first impressions matter. For your first audition, you’ll want to showcase your versatility, natural beauty and body physique. Here are a few tips on what to wear to a modeling audition female.

What to Wear to a Modeling Audition Female

This post is a guide on how to dress to impress for your modeling audition. These are simple tips that make it easy for you to dress up and showcase your style.

Brand-Specific Requirements and Go-See Tips

Most modeling go-sees or auditions are brand-specific. As such, the company or agent will instruct you as to what to wear for these particular open auditions or callbacks. However, if you’re not given any information, it’s best to incorporate a few quick tips on how to dress the right way.

Keep it Simple

The casting directors or agency have only one chance to evaluate whether you meet their requirements and they have a very limited window to do so. A general rule of thumb when it comes to keeping it simple the first day is to wear a decent pair of skinny jeans and a simple tee or tank top without any fanciful designs or bold prints. You also want to avoid any bright makeup, bold nails, and bright hair color. The idea is to sell their style rather than yours.

Special RequirementsWhat to Wear to a Modeling Audition Female

One special requirement might be the need to wear a swimsuit underneath your attire. It’s not uncommon for some modeling project or show to require that you show a little skin. Most agents or casting directors will prefer a two-piece suit over a one-piece so you might want to pack one just in case.

Plain Jane Cosmetics

When you’re dealing with cosmetics, it’s best to come as you are. Your best bet is to go for the plain jane treatment, which simply means flushing your cheeks with a touch of blush and taking a few moments to pamper your lips. The idea here is to give the casting directors or modeling agency a view of their potential canvas. Natural appearance is always the way to go.

Bear in mind that every show will have unique requirements and set skills needed, no two agencies are the same. Whenever you’re presented with the callback, be sure to make inquiries about the requirements. If you find that you don’t have the staple pieces to attend a callback, invest some time to build such a wardrobe.What to Wear to a Modeling Audition Female

Bottom Line

These are just some of the tips on what to wear to a modeling audition female. Modeling agencies often have frequent callbacks and you’re likely to attend several meetings before being chosen for a gig. Whenever you’re attending a modeling audition, the golden rule is to keep it simple, and you’ll be sure to have a successful interview.

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